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Issue 22: April 2015
Main Features
Airbone microbes in hospital operating rooms - Part 1
W White
This article is the first part of a review of investigations carried out until about 1990 into the role of mechanical ventilation in reducing wound sepsis in hospitals. It deals with the design of mechanical ventilation systems to reduce airborne microbe-carrying particles (MCPs), and mainly discusses unidirectional airflow (UDAF) systems. The second part will deal with the effect of mechanical ventilation and occlusive clothing in operating rooms in reducing airborne MCPs and post-operative wound sepsis.

UDAF in isolators - essential or excessive?
Tim Coles

Unidirectional airflow (UDAF) is applied to many modern isolators. However this flow regime demands a more complex structure than the turbulent flow equivalent. Both plant and operating costs are consequentially higher. This article poses the question, are these higher costs justified in terms of product quality?

A history of isolator and containment technology
Part 5: Development and use of sterilising agents with associated devices
Doug Thorogood

In this penultimate section the development of the 'sterilisation' of isolators used for sterility testing and aseptic processing will be reviewed. This will include the chemical agents used, the equipment to deliver and remove that agent (in a gaseous form), as well as agents used for manual wet processes and also fogging techniques with associated equipment.


Update on the ISO 14644 series of standards
John Neiger
EU GMP Annex 1 revision


Bill White's BSI award photos

John Neiger



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