First internationally certified Particle counting certificates awarded 
Five successful candidates were recently awarded certificates after passing the examinations associated with the Society's recently introduced Particle counting course.
This course, entitled "Particle counting to ISO 14644 Parts 1& 2"was developed as a result of demands from the industry for a specific advanced course in monitoring the particle counts in cleanrooms. (The monitoring of particle counts is the key parameter of establishing cleanroom performance and occupies a central place in the ISO 14644 range of cleanroom standards.)
The course was developed as a joint venture with DOP Solutions in the UK, whose Technical Director, Neil Stephenson sits on the UK group currently rewriting the ISO standards. As far as could be determined this was the only examined course of its kind worldwide
The inaugural course was held in Dublin earlier this year and the course has now been internationally accredited by the ICEB in Switzerland
The accurate validation of cleanrooms is essential to ensuring their continued design performance and the quality assurance of the products which are manufactured in them..
Over the last 6 years the Irish Cleanroom Society (ICS) has participated in a training programme with the Clearoom Testing and Certification Board (CTCB) to improve the training and certification of the testing personnel who carry out this vitally essential function. 
A further development has been the collaboration between worldwide national cleanroom societies to establish an International Cleanroom Educational Board (ICEB) to oversee different training courses in numerous countries to ensure that training standards are maintained worldwide. The ICEB now issues accreditation for nationally derived courses following peer acceptance of the courses.
More details of the successful candidates may be found on the Society's website at www.Cleanrooms-Ireland.ie or from the Secretary at emat@iol.ie
Keywords : Cleanrooms ; Semiconductor ;biomedical ;pharmaceutical ;ISO 14644; Irish Cleanroom Society ; Particle counts: training.