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Technical Programme

Role of the Research Institutions in the Development of the Hi-tec sector in Ireland by Dr Cian O Mathuna, NMRC

Role of IDA in Winning/substaining High Technology Investment by Michael Stapleton

The importance of the Cleanroom Technology in Ireland by Phil Merry, Jacobs Engineering

ISO 14644-1 & 2 (Theory and Practice) by Mike FitzPatrick and Ken Goldstein

Convergence of ICT & Biotechnology by Brendan O'Neill, NMRC

ISO 14644-4 by Conor Murray

Competency Training using a Blended Approach by Dr Mary McCarrick, CompuPharma Ltd

Schering Plough Presentation by Paul McManus

Living in Dangerous Times (A personal view of the healthcare Industry in Ireland) by Alan McNiece, ISPE

Life Sciences Industry in Ireland by Michael Stapleton

State of the Irish Healthcare Industry, Living in Dangerous Times, Part 2

Proposed Draft FDA Guideline for Aseptic Processing by Guitam Matra, PDA Europe

cGMP21 - New FDA Initiative for GMP in the 21st Century by Alan McNiece, ISPE

Meeting new ACDP CL 3 guidelines in Biosafety Containment Laboratories by Dr Jeff Connell, UCD CRID

Spotlight on Hospital Aseptic Operations by Heather Wilson, Pharmac Ltd

NMRC Presentation by Dr Cian O Mathuna, NMRC