Next Course Date: 30th November and 1st December 2023 (Online course and Exam)

People working in the field of cleanroom technology will be aware that few further-education courses on this subject exist. However, many wish to develop their professional skills and improve their chances of promotion, or simply wish to learn about cleanrooms. This is best done through a structured course ending in an examination and certification, and through an institute whose prime interest and knowledge is based in the field of Cleanroom Technology, with years of teaching personnel through involvement in the design, testing and running of cleanrooms.

Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board (CTCB-I) courses provide this level of training. Teaching, and certification is carried out by the CTCB-I, a non profit making board set up originally by the Scottish Society for Contamination Control (S2C2) as an education and training initiative. The Irish Cleanroom Society joined CTCB in 2003 followed by R3Nordic in Scandinavia and more recently VCCN in the Netherlands. The organisation was renamed CTCB-I in 2009 to reflect its increasingly international dimension

This Foundation course is a distance learning course and examination on 'Cleanroom Technology'. It is based on a course that has been run for over 20 years, and on the book 'Cleanroom Technology - Fundamentals of Design, Testing and Operation'. The course covers all aspects of cleanroom technology in a way that is applicable to all types of cleanrooms and industries. An overview of the certification available is as follows:


The candidate will use the book 'Cleanroom Technology - Fundamentals of Design, Testing and Operation' as the syllabus of the course, which is as follows:

  • Cleanrooms, their need, types and history
  • Standards and information sources
  • The design of cleanrooms and clean air devices
  • Construction materials and surface finishes
  • High efficiency air filtration
  • Cleanroom testing and monitoring
  • Measurement of air quantities and pressure differences
  • Air movement control
  • Filter installation leak testing
  • Airborne particle and microbial counting
  • Cleanroom disciplines
  • Materials, equipment and machinery
  • Cleanroom clothing, masks and gloves
  • Cleaning a cleanroom


Candidates must apply to register for the cleanroom technology course and their suitability will be assessed. When they sit the exam, they should have one year’s experience in the field of cleanroom technology. Those who have just joined a cleanroom technology firm can register immediately, with a view to receiving cleanroom training, and sit the exam after a year. If the candidate is accepted and registered, the CTCB will send an invoice for registration and a copy of the book ‘Cleanroom Technology - Fundamentals of Design, Testing and Operation’, which will serve as the course notes. A comprehensive question and answer booklet will also be provided.  The candidate should provide an 'in-house' tutor who will be able to assist during study. The CTCB will also provide a course tutor for any difficult questions that may arise.

On satisfactory completion of the course, including passing a written exam, the candidate will receive a CTCB-I certificate and be registered as such.


Candidates must attend a one-day course and examination.  During the day a revision course will be given, and a written examination will be held after the course.
The exam will have questions that will be short and no essays are required. However it is not multiple choice.  The questions will be similar, or identical, to those in the sample questions and answers booklet. It is anticipated that about 80% of the candidates will pass the exam on the first attempt. Anyone failing an exam can re-sit. The course is now certified internationally with the ICCS.

COURSE FEES* : € 750

The course fees cover the following:

Registration, which includes:

  • being entered as a candidate
  • a copy of the book ‘Cleanroom Technology - Fundamentals of Design, Testing and Operation’
  • sample questions and answers booklet

Revision Course & Exam, which includes:

  • a revision lecture course
  • a two-hour written exam
  • Certificate on successfully passing the exam

* Non-members of the ICS will be required to join the Society at a extra cost of €60.

For further information, please contact Chris Delaney | ICS Training & Education Convenor on +353 (0)86 889 09 07 or email at info@cleanrooms-ireland.ie.