CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing & Certification*

Our next courses will be held on the followind dates:

27th June 2023, Dublin 14 (2 to 3-day course depending on level)
- 27th November 2023, Carrigaline, Co. Cork (2 to 3-day course depending on level)

The testing of a cleanroom requires skills and the following certification courses are provided to ensure this.

Candidates can register for either Professional Certification or Associate Certification.

1- Professional Certification

For people whose profession is cleanroom testing, and routinely test all aspects of cleanroom testing.

Candidates will be required to:

• Study the self study course notes that will be sent to you.
• Attend a lecture course and then pass a written examination on Cleanroom Testing and a written examination on Particle counting.
• Attend a one day course on practical aspects of filter integrity and air volume and velocity testing
• Show a high level of competence in (a) filter integrity testing and (b) measuring air velocities and volumes, by passing a practical exam.

Please note that professional candidates who fail the practical exam will NOT be rewarded the Associate certification even if they pass the written exams. Candidates who apply for the professional level must have at least 2 years' experience in testing cleanrooms (especially in the filter integrity test).

2- Associate Certification

For people who are either familiar with some aspects of cleanroom testing, and wish to gain knowledge about the subject or have been working less than two years as a cleanroom tester, but wish to use the certification course as a basis of training and working towards professional status. Candidates will be required to:

• Study the issued course notes.
• Attend a lecture course and then pass a written examination on Cleanroom Testing.
• Attend a one-day course on practical aspects of filter integrity, and air and velocity measurements.

Students who have obtained the associate qualification may convert to a professional certificate once they have a minimum of two year experience and are able to pass the practical exam.

Further information can be obtained by visiting the CTCB-I website.


1- Registration Fees

€ 400 (the fee includes dispatch of the self-study course notes, information on the practical training/examination + proforma invoice for attendance).

2- Course Fees

€ 1050 Associate Certification
€ 1400 Professional Certification

Non-members of the ICS will be required to join the Society at a extra cost of €60.

If you wish to register your interest in this course, please fill in the Application form and email it back to us at info@cleanrooms-ireland.ie.
CTCB-I Testing & Certification Course Application Form (63.7 KB)CTCB-I Testing & Certification Course Application Form (63.7 KB)

For further information, please contact Chris Delaney | ICS Training & Education Convenor on +353 (0)86 889 09 07 or email at cdela33@gmail.com.

* CTCB-I: Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International

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