What do you really know about your cleanroom's compliance?

It is necessary when a cleanroom has just been built, and during its life, to test to ensure that it is working correctly. The amount and quality of air supplied, the air movement between and within cleanrooms, and the particle and microbiological counts in the cleanroom should be shown to be correct. The testing of a cleanroom requires skills.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that our next CTCB-I Testing & Certification training course will take place on the 8th of November 2016, in Dublin, Ireland.

Two levels of certification are offered:

- Professional Certification for people whose profession is cleanroom testing.

- Associate Certification for people either familiar with some aspects of cleanroom testing and wish to gain knowledge about the subject or have been working less than two years as a cleanroom tester, but wish to use the certification course as a basis of training and working towards professional status.

Candidates for the professional certification will attend for three days and receive practical training, a lecture revision course and sit practical and written examinations. The Associate candidates will attend for two days and receive practical training, a lecture revision course and sit a written exam. These days will be structured as follows:

First day: Practical training
Second morning: Revision lecture course
Second afternoon: Theory written exam
Third day: Practical exams (only for professional candidates)

The fees are as follows:

- Registration fee for professional or associate certification: € 400.

On receipt of your registration fee, the Academy will dispatch to you self-study course notes, information on the practical training and examination as well as a proforma invoice for your attendance.

- Attendance fee

Associate: € 1120

Professional: € 1420

The CTCB-I* Cleanroom Testing & Certification training course is administered by the Academy for Cleanroom Testing (ACT). If your require further information or wish to book, please email at salesuk@atitest.com or info@cleanrooms-ireland.ie.

* The CTCB was originally set up in 2002 by the Scottish Society for Contamination Control (S2C2). Shortly afterwards the Irish Cleanroom Society and The Scandinavian Cleanroom Society (R3 Nordic) joined to run courses and issue certificates. More recently the Netherlands Cleanroom Society (VCCN) has joined the group. The group changed its name in 2009 to CTCB-I to reflect the increasingly international dimension of the organisation.