ICS Training Workshop on Updated EN ISO 14644-3:2019

The NSAI and ICS are delighted to announce a standard training workshop on the changes and application of ISO 14644-3:2019.  

EN ISO 14644-3:2019 in Cleanrooms is the latest revision of the original EN ISO 14644-3 first published in 2003 for measurement methods in Cleanrooms. The -3 standard is part of ISO 14644 family of standards dealing with Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments.

This is the first of the two EN ISO 14644-3 standard training workshops organized with NSAI in 2020.

Meet your Subject Matter Experts for the Day

Steve Ward (SME WG3 ISO/TC209, Deputy Chair LBI30 BSI, UK)

Steve Ward

Steve is the UK’s SME from WG3 on the revision of the ISO 14644-3 standard and WG4 for the revision to the ISO14644-4 standard.  Steve is Deputy Chairman of LBI30, the Cleanroom Technology Committee at BSI. Steve is also secretary of the new UK Contamination Control Network (CCN), the equivalent of their national cleanroom society. He is a principle in the Validair Group of companies, offering cleanroom testing, monitoring systems and calibration and has been involving in the testing of cleanrooms for over 30 years.

Dr -Ing Jurgen Blattner (SME VDI 2083, board of DRRI, Germany)

Jurgen Blattner

Jurgen specialises in particle technology and filter testing, with a background in Chemical Engineering. Jurgen is on the board of the German Cleanroom Society (DRRI) and has been a member of a number of working groups in writing the VDI 2083 family of cleanroom standards. Jurgen founded his company BSR (Ingenieur-Buro) in 2003 to focus on cleanroom testing and qualification. Jurgen is an invited speaker worldwide and has ca 50 published papers in the field of measurement and cleanroom technology.

Conor Murray (SME & Head of Delegation for Ireland at ISO TC/209)

Conor Murray

Conor is the Irish SME on WG3 and Head of Delegation for ISO TC209.  Conor is Convenor of WG-05 on CEN/TC243 and Convenor of SC13 on the HCSC for NSAI.  Conor is Chairman of the ICS and involved in the design and qualification of cleanrooms for nearly 40 years.


Background Note

2020 is a big year for Cleanrooms with the training workshops on the introduction of ISO 14644-3 on cleanroom testing and measurement along with ISO 14644-16 on Energy Efficiency. These are fundamental standards in Cleanrooms and follow on from the revision and introduction of ISO 14644-1 &-2:2015 on cleanroom classification and ongoing monitoring.  The other significant activity is the revision of ISO 14644-4 on Design, Construction and Start Up of Cleanrooms; a CD (Committee Draft) version is expected later in 2020.

Along with other national cleanroom and contamination control societies, NSAI and the ICS are organising practical application workshops to introduce the updated standard with the assistance and contribution of other European national cleanroom society experts who were involved in WG3.

Workshop Seminar Details

Date: Wednesday, 4th March 2020
Duration: 1-day standard training workshop
Location: NSAI, 1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9, Ireland D09 A0E4

The attendance fee includes notes, a hard copy or soft electronic PDF copy of ISO 14644-3:2019, refreshments and a selection of sandwiches and snacks at lunchtime.


ISO 14644-3:2019 Training Workshop Programme

The day will be broken into 2 parts - a technical seminar in the morning (09:00 - 12:00) and then an interactive workshop in the afternoon (12:30 - 17:00) to show how to apply the new standard to existing and new cleanrooms.

A key element of the day will be the afternoon workshop where individual experts will work with companies to give specific guidance on how to apply ISO 14644-3:2019 and update their own SOPs.

Please click on the following PDF attachment for further details:

Brochure ICS Standards Training Workshop NSAI Dublin, 4th March 2020 (340.9 KB)Brochure ICS ISO 14644-3:2019 Standard Training Workshop NSAI Dublin, 4th March 2020 (340.9 KB)
Programme ICS ISO 14644-3:2019 Standard Training Workshop, 4th March 2020 (110.4 KB)Programme ICS ISO 14644-3:2019 Standard Training Workshop, 4th March 2020 (110.4 KB)

The attendance will be restricted again to no more than 30 people and we expect the attendees on this occasion to come from companies involved in updating their SOPs in ongoing non viable monitoring and Cleanroom Commissioning, Qualification, Testing and Verification.


There is a limited sponsorship opportunity available for 2 tabletop exhibits.

Please contact Chris Delaney, ICS Convenor for Education & Training at cdela33@gmail.com or call him on 086 889 0907.


Booking is on a first come basis. Please follow this link to book online.

On behalf of Steve, Jurgen and myself we look forward to seeing you there!

Conor Murray
ICS Chairman
Head of Delegation for Ireland at ISO/TC209
Irish Subject Matter Expert ISO/TC209
WG 04 - Cleanroom Design & Start Up
WG 14 – Particle Deposition Rate
Convenor Biocontamination Working Group CEN/TC243 (WG-05)
Convenor Irish Biocontamination Mirror Group
Convenor SC13 - Cleanrooms, Health Care Services Consultative (HCSC) Committee NSAI