The Lab & Cleanroom Expo

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The Lab & Cleanroom Conference & Exhibition, taking place on November 8th in The Leopardstown Pavilion, is an annual event that focuses on laboratory and cleanroom technologies, equipment, and solutions. This event serves as a platform to bring together professionals, researchers, industry leaders, and suppliers to explore the latest advancements, applications, and best practices in laboratory and cleanroom environments.

At the Lab & Cleanroom Event, attendees have the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of exhibitors, including laboratory equipment manufacturers, cleanroom technology providers, safety equipment suppliers, and industry experts. The exhibition floor showcases state-of-the-art laboratory instruments, cleanroom facilities, contamination control systems, safety gear, and related innovations. Visitors can witness live demonstrations, interact with exhibitors, and gain insights into the latest developments and trends in laboratory and cleanroom technologies.

Why Attend?

- Networking Opportunities: Connect with over 1,000 delegates representing a wide range of industries and disciplines. Forge new partnerships, discover potential clients, and expand your professional network.
- Exceptional Speakers: Gain insights from 50 world-class speakers who are at the forefront of technological advancements. Learn about the latest trend shaping the waste water and water industry.
- Inspiring Exhibitors: Explore our exhibition area featuring 50 innovative exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge products, services, and solutions. Discover the tools and technologies that can propel your business forward.
- Engaging Sessions: Attend a diverse range of sessions, panels, and workshops tailored to provide actionable takeaways. Deep dive into topics such as laboratory best practices, cleanroom design considerations, regulatory compliance, aseptic techniques, emerging technologies, safety and compliance, policy and regulatory frameworks, and much more.
- Career Development: Strengthen your professional skills and advance your career through our interactive sessions and practical workshops. Stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Get Involved:

At the Lab & Cleanroom Conference & Exhibition, we offer multiple participation options tailored to your interests and goals:

- Speak: Share your expertise, insights, and experiences as a speaker. Inspire the audience with your knowledge and become a recognized thought leader in your field.
- Exhibit: Showcase your products, services, or solutions in our bustling exhibition area. Connect directly with potential clients and key industry players, generating leads and increasing your brand visibility.
- Sponsor: Amplify your brand presence by becoming a sponsor of The Lab & Cleanroom Expo. Benefit from extensive promotional opportunities, enhanced visibility, and exclusive networking experiences.
- Attend as a Delegate: Join us as a delegate and immerse yourself in the world of lab. Engage with industry experts, discover the latest trends, and expand your knowledge base.

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