Successful Candidates CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing & Certification, Ireland
January 2012

Associate Certification (Qualified to validate and assess in-house cleanrooms)

Oliver Ruttiens Pfizer Animal Health SA Olivier Ruttiens

Jonas Jonemark

Pfizer Health AB Jonas Jonemark
Carl Carlsson Pfizer Health AB Carl Carlsson
Andy Gibson Pfizer Global Engineering Andy Gibson
Neil McCarthy Pfizer Global Engineering Neil McCarthy
Graham Flynn Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals Graham Flynn
Dominique Geay Pfizer Amboise Dominique Gaey
Dean Dempsey Pfizer Newbridge Dean Dempsey
Michael Dirr Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH Michael Dirr
Alain Deprez Pfizer Animal Health SA Alain Deprez
Lena Romander Pfizer Global Engineering Lena Romander