2021 ICS Training Programme

The Irish Cleanroom Society runs a series of training courses which have all been accredited by the ICCCS Education committee (IEC). The goal of the IEC (integrated part of the ICCCS) is to harmonize and share cleanroom courses. It promotes the preparation and accreditation of internationally-recognized educational courses for people who design and test and monitor, operate and work as operators in cleanrooms. The IEC accredits Cleanroom and Contamination courses that treat subjects according to the relevant ISO standards. Courses are accredited within an ‘Accreditation Guidelines’ set down by the IEC. People attending courses will be certified by examination and each successful candidate is awarded a certificate with the ICCCS Education logo and has their name placed on the website.

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, most ICS events are offered online (generally via Zoom). For the practical demonstrations and tutorials of the CTCB-I Testing & Certification course, we only schedule a limited number of candidates per session (mask to be worn and social distancing rules to be followed).

Date Course Duration Location
17/09/2021 Cleanroom Pass Course 1-day course Dublin
05/10/2021 CTCB-I Testing & Certification Course 2 to 3-day course Dublin
08/10/2021 Cleanroom Pass Course 1-day course Waterford
23/11/2021 CTCB-I Testing & Certification Course 2 to 3-day course Dublin

* CTCB-I Certification: Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International Certification

Places are limited so early registration is recommended. For further information, please email us at info@cleanrooms-ireland.ie.


Chris Delaney
ICS Convenor for Training & Education
E: cdela33@gmail.com
M: +353 (0)86 889 09 07