All courses follow a 'Basic Guidelines' quality assurance system and include:

  • suitable course content
  • relevant and up-to-date notes or text books
  • expert lecturers
  • the setting of clear and unambiguous exam questions
  • suitable exam marking practices
  • an examination and advisory board to audit the course and exams
  • public traceability of a person's certificate

ICS provides a directory of certified people on its website as well as on the CTCB-I website (Registers).

The Cleanroom Testing (Professional) qualification is valid for five years from the date of passing the practical examination. After this time the candidate must attend the course again and be reaccredited for a further five years. The Cleanroom Testing (Associate) qualification is valid 10 years.

The Cleanroom Technology qualification does not have any time limit.

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The CTCB takes great care to ensure that examinations are conducted in a fair and legitimate manner. The Examination Board will advise unsuccessful candidates, at their discretion , why they have failed to meet the expected examination requirements.

There is also an appeals procedure whose decision is final. Details of examination decisions are confidential and remain privileged information restricted to the Examination Board. All candidates registering for this course are deemed to have understood and accepted these conditions.

Students by submitting this form are also deemed to have accepted that they will be attentive, studious during all teaching periods and to study efficiently. The candidate’s photograph will be taken at the start of the course.

This will be used during the course to prevent impersonation and to aid the examiners. On certification, the successful candidate’s name will be placed on the CTCB-I website to provide evidence that the person testing their cleanroom is CTCB-I certified.

By entering their name and submitting this form, the candidate agrees to this