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Issue 17: January 2014
Main features  

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze and simulate cleanroom environments
Andy Manning



For cleanroom environments and hospital operating rooms, understanding the distribution of contaminants and airflow patterns is critical. This article describes how Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) works, how it can be used to predict airflows and other parameters in these environments and what its limitations are. Two examples are given of applications of CFD. In the first, a simple cleanroom, various permutations of return air grill and supply air grill configurations are examined. In the second, a hospital operating room, the effect of airflow velocity on the transport of squames (skin cells) from surgical staff to patient is analyzed. Rather surprisingly, the lower airflow velocity gives the better result.

Rotational cleaning - what is it and what are the benefits?
Rebecca Smith


This paper argues the basic case for rotating disinfectants in a cleanroom. Particular microbes can in theory develop a resistant strain when only exposed to one type of disinfectant jus as certain microbes develop resistance to the antibiotics that are used to combat them. Microbes may also have inherent resistance to disinfectants and the resistance depends on the type of microbe - bacteria, viruses, fungi, endospore etc. For both these reasons, rotation is important. This paper provides an overview of how different types of disinfectant, including Alcohols, Quats (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds), Biguanides, Chlorine based compounds and Hydrogen Peroxide, act on microbial cells.


BlauTouch - an innovative interactive worktop for cleanroom applications
Gerben van den Barg


ISO 14644 series of standards: Reports on progress at the October meetings of ISO TC 209 and its Working Groups in Reno.
Gordon Farquharson, Stephen Ward, John Neiger, Dick Gibbons and Richard Roberts

Conference report

ISPE UK Affiliate Conference and Exhibition,
Stratford-on-Avon, 21st November 2013
Tim Coles

Regulatory reflections

Biologics and biosimilars: the regulatory environment
Tim Sandle

News, Helapet, Hosokawa Micron, Ecolab, Pharminox, Contec


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