Login assistance

This page will allow you to run some basic tests to assess some of the security settings of your computer.

  1. To login to the member area, our website uses cookies. Cookies are small files generated from our website and stored on your computer for the duration of your session.
  2. If you choose the "Remember me" facility, you need to ensure that your browser or your firewall do not delete all cookies when you close either of them.
  3. This testing facility will ask for your email address. It will not be stored.
  4. This testing facility will check if cookies from this website are stored properly on your computer.
  5. It will then send you an email with the results. Emails are sent from noreply (at) wandsoft (DOT) net. Ensure your anti-spam filter allows this address for the duration of the test.
  6. If the email says that cookies are not allowed, please check the configuration of your PC and/or your firewall to allow the storage of cookies from https://www.cleanrooms-ireland.ie/.
  7. The issue may be related to your browser history and cache.
  8. If you are still struggling, please liaise with a computer support person.

Please note:

  • You must be an active member of this website for the test to work.